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2021 Symposium on “marshallom family affection 1 + 1 love mutual aid fund”

There is a feeling in the world, called love, and an act, called mutual assistance. Love is not only a spirit of dedication, but also a thought and emotion of caring and loving people. On March 11, 2021, in this warm spring day, in this caring and warm atmosphere, we grandly held the 2021 “marshallom family 1 + 1 love mutual aid fund” symposium with unlimited love for marshallom’s difficult employees.

In 2020, many employees of the company applied for assistance. The company decided to give a certain amount of donations to the three colleagues of the packaging department and the stamping department through various means such as workshop visit and telephone verification with the applicant’s local village committee, hoping to make a modest contribution to the family plight of the three colleagues. At the same time, I hope the three colleagues can relax and work at ease. The difficulties are only temporary. I believe that life will be better and better in the future.

Mr. Mai, general manager of marshallom, asked at the condolence meeting that the leaders of all departments of the company should always care for the front-line employees in the workshop, collect and listen to the actual difficulties of the front-line employees; At the same time, if employees have difficulties, they should have the courage to raise them. If they have difficulties, they will not lose face. The difficulties are only temporary.

The company will try its best to help employees get out of the difficulties and let employees devote themselves to their work without worries.This consolation meeting reflects the good style of helping others and selfless dedication of the whole marshallom group. This consolation meeting is only a small episode since the establishment of “family 1 + 1”. In future mutual assistance activities, we will more seriously understand the actual difficulties of employees and carry out more love giving activities.

Many colleagues didn’t understand the meaning of “marshallom family 1 + 1 love mutual aid fund”. Mr. Mai personally made a concise explanation in easy to understand language at the meeting: that is, part of the employee’s good donation, part of the company’s good donation, how much the company gives, and 1 + 1 double included in the mutual aid fund
Since the establishment of “marshallom family 1 + 1 love mutual aid fund” in 2011, it has been committed to helping on-the-job employees deal with emergencies, solve employees’ special difficulties, and make employees feel the care and warmth of the company; On behalf of all employees of marshallom, he has made donations to social disasters for many times, establishing the image and charm of the company.
By March 2021, “marshallom family 1 + 1 love mutual aid fund” had organized 99 employee donations, raised 143464.6 yuan, donated more than 10 employees, donated 62500 yuan, and there was 80964.6 yuan left.”One side is in trouble and all sides support” has always been a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and it is also the original intention of the establishment of “marshallom family affection 1 + 1 love mutual aid fund”. In the future, “marshallom family 1 + 1 love mutual aid fund” will be more deeply invested in the action of solving the actual difficulties of the company’s employees. At the same time, I hope that colleagues will actively participate in the charitable donation every month, so as to continue this charitable act.