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Problems needing attention in candy iron box and candy can

Candy tins candy tins are for food packaging (chocolate tins / biscuit tins / cookie tins, etc.), and the material requirements must meet the food grade requirements. From tinplate raw materials to iron printing ink, they must meet the food hygiene and safety requirements. The candy tins and candy tins produced by Shenzhen marshallom can making Co., Ltd. are uniformly produced in accordance with the world’s highest tinplate food grade packaging requirements, All candy boxes and cans (chocolate tin box / biscuit tin box / Cookie Tin can, etc.) produced can pass the current world’s most standard (formulated by the European Union). As domestic food manufacturers are usually easy to ignore this problem, there have been problems with certain brands of food in recent years. Since our establishment, our company has taken this problem as the first-class safety precaution for the production of candy boxes and cans, Patiently explain to customers (the cost of raw materials for food grade iron boxes and cans is higher), analyze the advantages and disadvantages, and faithfully consider for customers and enterprises