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Speech by representatives of outstanding employees of Shenzhen meixinlong can making Co., Ltd. in 2011

Dear Chairman, leaders, guests and colleagues:
Good afternoon, everyone!
At the beginning of the new year, everything is renewed. Today, we are all happy and gathered together. I feel honored and proud to speak on the stage as an excellent salesman representative of the company. Here, first of all, please allow me to express my heartfelt thanks to all colleagues who have always helped and supported us on behalf of all excellent employee winners! Pay high tribute to all leaders who care about and cultivate us!
Looking back on my experience of growing up in marshallom, I can’t help feeling thousands of things. I entered the marshallom family on March 29, 2010. I was a newcomer to a new industry and didn’t have more business experience. It was difficult for me to adapt at the moment. In the first four months, I felt particularly hesitant and confused, but director Wang and director Shi didn’t give up me, Under the care of manager Mai and manager Tang, they taught us to be familiar with product knowledge and the whole business process, and carefully arranged some company business for us to practice and learn according to my specific situation. My colleagues were also very warm and friendly to my work, often shared their business experience with me, and gave me a lot of help in life, This strengthened my belief in staying in the warm family of marshallom. Since then, I have urged myself with higher business requirements, always in line with the concept that customers are God, serve every customer and business project, adhere to the working attitude of “finish today” and “Jincheng caused by Jincheng, Jingshi for development”, explore the market while learning, and develop customers. Every order starts from inquiry, proofing, signing and production, To coordinate various relationships with various departments of the company in various links such as collection and receipt, seek the best solution to problems and study targeted strategies, accurately grasp the needs of customers, do not care about the amount of workload and the length of working hours, and serve each customer on the premise of the overall interests of the company, Strive to bring benefits to both customers and the company from every single business. Work hard and gain. Finally, my performance made some breakthroughs in 2011, which made me lucky to stand in front of this podium. At this moment, I feel that all my efforts and efforts are worth it. Please allow me to express my sincere thanks again to all leaders and colleagues who gave help and support in my growth process, and sincerely thank you!
Although I was honored to be rated as “excellent employee” in 2011, I know that there are more excellent colleagues in our business team. I am just lucky to be the representative of one of them. Yesterday’s achievements only represent yesterday, today and tomorrow still need more efforts, there are still many things I need to learn, and there are more work and goals we need to achieve. In 2012, I will work harder, set higher standards for myself, learn from the strengths of others, constantly improve and improve myself in my work, and earnestly perform my post responsibilities, Always maintain a strong spirit and full work enthusiasm, devote yourself to the work wholeheartedly, and hope to make a breakthrough in the performance in 2012 and make their own modest contribution to the development of the company
I believe that under the wise decision of Chairman Wu and the leadership of the management team represented by President Mai, through the unity and concerted efforts of all colleagues, marshallom will have a better tomorrow! I believe this time next year will be another time for our company to celebrate the harvest!
Finally, I wish our marshallom business is booming and prosperous. I wish all of you here a smooth work, good health and a happy family!
Thank you!
                                                     Excellent employee representative of Shenzhen marshallom can making Co., Ltd
                                                              February 17, 2012