Over 30 Years' Experience in Tin Manufacturing

Audited Manufacturing Facilities

As an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer, we maintain manufacturing quality. We build everything with the attitude of letting our product speak for itself, and strive to manufacture to the highest level of quality to meet your unique specifications.

Commitment to Excellence

Frist-Rate Tin Plates for Your Custom Tins

First-Rate Tin Plates for Your Custom Tins

At our company, we pride ourselves on using only the finest tin plates sourced from reputable suppliers for all our tin containers. This commitment to quality ensures that our tins not only meet but exceed your expectations.

  • Affordable: Our tin containers are offered at competitive prices, making them an affordable choice for your packaging needs.
  • Durable: Our tins are crafted from premium tin plates known for their excellent strength and resilience, keeping your products safe and secure.
  • Sustainable: We prioritize using environmentally responsible tin plates, making our tin containers a sustainable choice for your packaging needs.
  • Customizable: We can create custom tins in any shape and size you desire, thanks to our high-quality tin plates.

Don’t compromise on the quality and versatility of your tin containers. Choose our first-rate tin plates and enjoy affordable, durable, and sustainable packaging solutions for your products. Contact us today to discuss your custom tin requirements.

Attractive & Artful Printing

Attractive & Artful Printing

With our superior inks and state-of-the-art printing technologies, each piece of our tin containers can easily turn into a true piece of art. The premium inks we import from Japan convey the highest quality of color and detail, and guarantee integrity of the design.

  • Strict Color Management: We meticulously calibrate our printing systems to ensure accurate and consistent colors throughout the printing process.
  • Precise & Lasting Printing: Our state-of-the-art printing technologies allow for precise and intricate details to be reproduced on every tin, while our premium imported inks from Japan ensure vibrant colors and long-lasting durability.

With our focus on attractive and artful printing, each tin container becomes a visual masterpiece. Trust us to deliver exceptional printing results. Contact us to discuss your printing requirements today!

Experienced & Quality Craftsmanship

Experienced & Quality Craftsmanship

Our experienced fabricators bring over three decades of expertise to deliver top-quality tin containers.

  • Cutting: Precision cutting ensures clean edges and precise shapes.
  • Punching: Custom perforations and holes can be created for added functionality and aesthetics.
  • Forming: Tin sheets are expertly shaped to meet your unique requirements.
  • Edge Rolling: Meticulous attention to detail ensures seamless and polished edges.
  • Automatic Assembling: Our automated machines ensure efficient and precise assembly.

Count on our experienced fabricators for outstanding tin containers that exceed expectations. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

Dust-Free Cleaning & Packing

Dust-Free Cleaning & Packing

Experience the difference with our exceptional dust-free cleaning and packing services!

In our state-of-the-art dust-free workshops, we ensure that every finished component of our tin boxes, including lids, ends, and bodies, undergoes a thorough cleaning process using medical-grade alcohol. This guarantees hygiene and suitability for packaging any type of product.

Our skilled team then assembles all the components together, creating sturdy tin containers that are ready for immediate use. To provide added protection, our containers are packaged using multi-layer materials, ensuring they remain safe and secure during transportation.

Choose our trusted dust-free cleaning and packing services for immaculate tin containers that meet the highest standards of cleanliness and quality.