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Celebrating the 29th Anniversary of Marshallom

On July 21, 2022, the Marshallom factory was adorned with colorful flags and filled with joyful songs, as it celebrated its 29th birthday. Over the past 29 years, Marshallom has consistently focused on delivering high-quality customized tin packaging, gaining recognition from numerous clients and the market.

Looking back on the years gone by, Marshallom has adhered to the principle of continuous improvement, constantly innovating and breaking through in the tin box packaging industry. Whether it is candy tins, tea boxes, chocolate boxes in the food industry, or gift packing box, toy boxes, and cosmetic boxes in the gift industry, Marshallom can tailor unique tin packaging solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers.

As a result, Marshallom has established a strong reputation and brand image in the industry. With excellent quality control and an innovative design team, Marshallom continuously introduces fashionable, environmentally-friendly, and practical tin products that are beloved and trusted by domestic and international clients.

Looking towards the future, Marshallom will continue its relentless pursuit of excellence. As we approach the 30th anniversary of Marshallom, the company will continue to increase investment in research and development, listen to customer needs and feedback, and further optimize product quality and service experience. At the same time, Marshallom will actively expand into international markets, enhancing the brand’s global competitiveness, and striving to become a leading global supplier of customized tin packaging.

On this new journey, Marshallom will always uphold the spirit of self-transcendence, working hand in hand with customers to create a brighter and more brilliant tomorrow!